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While social distancing is still a reality, and as economic challenges are on the rise, people will still need personal transportation. And many are motivated to buy because of lowered interest rates and special financing terms normally unavailable.


Today May 14, 2020

The questions most dealers have is: 

How can I find those buyers? 

What if they can’t come to our showroom?

AutoAlert and AutoFi have teamed up to deliver a powerful solution for remote selling. You have a database of prospects and you have a website. Put the power of those two investments to work selling cars remotely.

  • AutoAlert CXM allows you to harness your data, enhance customer loyalty, optimize dealership operations and energize your team. This helps you find your best buyer, present them with opportunities they won’t want to refuse. But it doesn’t stop there.

  •  Invite those buyers to your website to experience the new standard in remote auto sales and financing from AutoFi, guiding them through every choice they can make to buy the car. AutoFi handles thousands of transactions every week for forward-thinking dealerships across the US.

Best of all, you can put this strategy to work quickly. The power of the partnership is that you do not have to figure out how to integrate the solutions…we've done the heavy lifting. You do not have to spend weeks of your time trying to figure out how to use it… we will support you at every step.

You will have a list of buyers at your fingertips, and a solid website experience that captures all the options you give people in your showroom – all online. We will even make sure your F&I team can personalize how the services are presented so you maintain your brand and the value customers expect from your dealership.

Data + Decision.
Better Together.