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We set out to change the way cars are financed and purchased. And now, dealers are delighted with the results.

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The only Digital Retail platform that delivers REAL Lender Offers

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Digital Tools 

Digital tools help your sales team stay focused on what matters most: customer satisfaction and retention. They stay in touch throughout the customer journey and turn shoppers to buyers.

Real-time Offers 

Save valuable desking time at the dealership with full-spectrum lender integration. Your customers can choose their offers from top lenders in real-time.

Smith South Plains Ford-Lincoln

Annette Sykora, owner and dealer principal uses digital tools and stays committed to putting customers first. Having a wide market area means customers can't always drive over in a day. They use AutoFi to put their showroom on the Internet. In-store information is readily available so customers can work their deal before coming to the store. Year over year, internet sales have increased by 25% using the AutoFi experience.

Ricart Automotive

Rick Ricart, President of Ricart Automotive Group explains how the Internet is the place people go to buy cars. The Ricart team know that car shopping has changed since the late Paul F. Ricart founded the dealership in 1953. With a commitment to being Central Ohio's low-price dealer, they continue to evolve growing into today's Ricart Mega Mall. Using AutoFi, customers can interact with the dealership and buy a car online with a soup-to-nuts complete front-end desking solution.

See what consumers say  

"Most leads close roughly around 10% to 12%…the AutoFi lead close at 20% to 25%."

Brandon Stinson, Ricart Ford


"AutoFi's clock speed — the ability for them to iterate and learn and change for the customers — is really tremendous. The data says the customers that are going through from start to finish are extremely satisfied and just as attractive to the dealer as the traditional customers in terms of F&I products and finance, etc."

David McClelland — CEO, Ford Motor Credit  

"They're not rushed by having to sit in an F&I office in front of a guy and make decisions. So we have seen increases in the sale of products and good reviews on Google."

"If I could do 100 percent [of my deals] this way, I would. Even the people that want to show up at the dealership prefer this, so it gets all of the hard stuff, the waiting, out of the way. And they're in and out in less than an hour."

Dave Tedder, Sanderson Ford

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Gross profit PVR 52% above the industry average 

52% VSC penetration

44% Gap penetration 

25% open rate on digital offers generated from AutoFi

71% approval to purchase for captive lenders

Sell More Cars - Get Happy Customers

Dealers get: Success metrics 

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A profitable dealership stays in business. We get that. That's why we built a platform to make it easy for your customers to apply for credit and get approved in seconds.  

  1. Shop your website 24/7
  2. Evaluate different price scenarios
  3. Value their trade-in
  4. Include your aftermarket products
  5. Apply for financing & leasing
  6. Get real-time lender offers
  7. Pick up their car from your store

Customers get: Transparency